The Ultimate Shield from Insect Infestation, Mycotoxins, Moisuture and Loss of Physical Properties

Eco Friendly food packaging


Reduce post-harvest loss
No pesticide use for storage
Less wastage; Improved income

Food Businesses

Store produce for longer
Maintain freshness and aroma
Reduce wastage; Reduce costs


Extend life of produce
Prevent pests & infestation
Buy in Bulk; Save costs

Proharvest in Use

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100 Kg Bag

50 Kg Bag

25 Kg Bag

5 Kg Pouch

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Why Proharvest

Proharvest bags provides a multi-layer, high-barrier pesticide-free organic storage solution for dried produce.

Protection Barrier

Robust, multi-layer barrier material keeps gas and moisture out and preserves aroma and freshness.

Product Quality

Blocks external atmosphere variations to maintain a modified atmosphere to preserve product freshness and starve pests of oxygen.

Environment Friendly

Elminate the use of fumigants & pesticides for storage and re-use bags after each harvest.

Financial Benefits

Reduce produce wastage and storage costs. Realize higher incomes by storing produce to get better pricing.

Proharvest Technology

Proharvest bags makes use of a multi-layer ultra high barrier packaging material that creates anaerobic environment for produce while protecting produce from air and moisture.

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