The term “Hermetic” is used to indicate a condition that is airtight and is not affected by outward influence. Hermetic Storage refers to storage condition that is air-tight and totally isolated from surrounding atmospheric conditions to prevent air or moisture from entering.

Food commodities stored in a hermetic environment do not spoil, and insects cannot survive and consume that which is stored. Food products remain fresh and tasty, unpolluted, organic, and healthy; seeds maintain their vigor and their ability to germinate. The single most important advantage of ultra hermetic storage is that no chemicals are needed.

Hermetic Storage Bags provide excellent barrier properties because of a multi-layer structure of different composites. Pro Harvest provides Hermetic Storage Bags that contain multiple layers to act as a barrier against external atmospheric contamination and retains the environment within the storage.

How does Hermetic Storage work?

Modified atmosphere packaging with Pro Harvest hermetic storage bags deplete Oxygen in the storage environment caused due to respiration of living organisms that may be included in storage, while at the same time preventing Oxygen from entering into the bag. Oxygen present in storage during packing is slowly replaced by Carbon Dioxide emitted by organisms that may be included in storage. With depleted Oxygen, all living organisms perish and prevent the birth of new organisms.

Hermetic bags are also called Super Bags because of their extraordinary capabilities in reducing post-harvest loss and increasing farmer income while also maintaining the nutritional quality of the stored commodities.

Benefits of Pro Harvest Hermetic Storage Bags

Safe long-term storage of food commodities

Increased income by delaying post-harvest sale

Improve yield and income by reducing product loss

Less cost by eliminating the use of preservatives and fumigants

Maintain original quality of food commodities even after a long storage period

Maintain high germination rate of seeds and grains for sowing

Applications of Pro Harvest Hermetic Super Bags

Pro Harvest hermetic super bags can be used for storing all kinds of dried food commodities.

Food Grains

Pulses, Cereals, Millets & Lentils

Dried Fruits & Nuts

Cashew, Almonds, Groundnuts


Beans, Parental Seeds, Germination Seeds


Coffee, Tea, Cocoa

Processed Food

Flours, flakes, dehydrated produce

Spices & Herbs

Turmeric, Cardamom, Pepper, Cinnamon

How to use Pro Harvest Hermetic Storage Bags

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