A Grain Saved is a Grain Produced

Poor food grain storage and the resultant wastage has been a perpetual problem of farmers forcing them to sell food grains immediately after harvest for whatever returns they can get. Farmers are faced with multiple issues that spoil food grains, reduce the quantity of food grains available for sale and reduce the quality of food grains, reduce the returns obtained for selling the food grains.

Grain Storage Problems

Insect Infestation

Insects and pests are considered as the biggest problem and cause huge losses in the grains. Losses due to insect infestation could be up to 50%, if all quantity losses, quality losses, and income loss due to early sale are considered. Weevils, Grain Borers and Beetles are the biggest threats for grain storage.


Mycotoxin contamination such as Aflatoxins, Fungi and Molds make food grains unsuitable for human consumption. A large amount (25%–40%) of cereal grains are contaminated by the mycotoxins produced by storage fungi world-wide. Mycotoxins deteriorates the grain quality as well as reduces grain germination.


Grains exposed to moisture suffer from problems of molds, discoloration, respiration loss insect damage and moisture absorption. During long-term storage moisture content in grains provide the perfect breeding ground for insects to multiply and destroy grains. High moisture content also affects the germination capability of grains and seeds.

Loss of physical properties

During storage, grains lose many of their physical properties which make them suitable for consumption. When exposed to the atmosphere, grains lose their aroma, there may be discolouration of grains, shrinkage of food grains and overall loss of quality and quantity.

Grain Storage Solution

Grain Storage Bags from Pro Harvest provide a high-barrier, hermetic storage environment to protect food grains. Oxygen inside the Pro Harvest grain storage bags is replaced by Carbon Dioxide exhaled from living organisms living among the grains. Insects and pests are deprived of oxygen and moisture and perish within the bag.

The multi-layer structure of the Pro Harvest grain storage bags prevents external atmospheric conditions to affect the grains thus keeping them safe from air and moisture.

Applications of Pro Harvest Grain Storage Bags

Pro Harvest grain storage bags can be used for storing all kinds of dried food commodities.

Food Grains

Pulses, Cereals, Millets & Lentils

Dried Fruits & Nuts

Cashew, Almonds, Groundnuts


Beans, Parental Seeds, Germination Seeds


Coffee, Tea, Cocoa

Processed Food

Flours, flakes, dehydrated produce

Spices & Herbs

Turmeric, Cardamom, Pepper, Cinnamon

Benefits of Pro Harvest Grain Bags

Increased Income

Pro Harvest grain storage bags can increase farmer income by enabling long-term storage of grains to fetch better prices. Cost of storage is also reduced by eliminating the use of pesticides or fumigants for storage

Quantity & Quality

Pro Harvest grain storage bags help reduce grain losses and maintain grain quality by protecting grains from insect infestation, mold growth, moisture and oxidation.

Healthier Food Grains

Since no harmful chemicals or preservatives are required, food grains stored inside Pro Harvest Grain Bags are healthier and thus contribute towards increased food safety and public health.

Specially suited for Organic Grains

Pro Harvest Grain Storage Bags are ideally suited for storage of organic food grains to protect produce from air, moisture and insects without the use of preservatives or chemicals.

How to use Pro Harvest Grain Storage Bags

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