Effective protection for food commodities

Food Storage


Infestation from Insects and Pests

Loss of Aroma, Freshness & Flavour

Fungus, Mould and Aflatoxin Growth

Temperature fluctuations, moisture, oxidation and humidity

Pro Harvest

Multi-layer, High-Barrier, Pesticide-Free, Organic Storage Solution

Pro-Harvest bags incorporate high-quality barrier material with a multi-layer structure for superior barrier against gases and moisture and also offer outstanding mechanical properties.

Pro Harvest bags are designed to keep perishable foods in a super-airtight  hermetic environment.

Pro Harvest Applications


Pulses, Cereals, Millets, Lentils etc.


Cashew, Almonds, Groundnuts etc.


Beans, Parental Seeds, Germination Seeds


Coffee, Tea, Cocoa


Flours, Flakes, Dehydrated Produce (Ginger, Garlic & Onion)


Turmeric, Cardamom, Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves etc.

Food Distribution during disaster-relief activities, such as earthquakes, floods etc.

Pro Harvest Benefits

Increased Income

Extended Storage Life to command better market price

Higher yield value by maintaining high germination rate

Reduce losses during food supply chain

Better Qualty

Retains original moisture of the products and acts as a barrier against external atmosphere.

Prevents spoilage and retains nutritional value

Controls infestation from insects and pests

Reduced Cost

Affordable long-term storage solution

Economical to transport

Safe from Hazardous Chemicals

Free from inscecticide, Boric Acid and other harmful elements

Eliminates the need of chemicals, fumigants, preservatives during storage

how to use pro harvest bags

Place Pro Harvest bag inside outer Jute or PP bag

Fill bag with dried food commodities for storage

Press Pro Harvest bag to remove excess air 

Twist the top of the Pro Harvest Bag and and secure the tie provided with the bag

Fold the twisted top of the Pro Harvest Bag and secure the second tie provided with the bag

Secure the Jute or PP Bag for storage or transportation